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I am running out the door to try these bras on NOW. I live in the booby club you describe. In fact, without applying, I know I'm a card-carrying member having every one of your requirements...brt, national geographic specials to begin with PLUS nursing for 3 years AND 34 DD's on top of it all.

A good bra is gold to me. When I had to buy a 36F Bravado for nursing, I cried for a week.

Luckily I'm back to normal bras again, but so far I've only found one that works. Now I can possibly add several more to my pathetic 'lingerie' drawer - a term which no self-respecting woman would use to describe my pathetic collection of stretched out sports numbers and underwired with frayed elastic.

If they work, I'll be doing another add campaign on my blog for said finds.

Take care this week. Sounds like you have a rough one ahead! But so exciting.


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